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After the three conferences that took place in Barcelona (2014), Bratislava (2015) and Manchester (2016) the fourth “Global Dwelling” conference is dedicated to the topic of “Temporality and permanence in contemporary housing”. Papers and posters addressing this topic from multiple realms – education, research, professional practice– and disciplines– architecture, urban design, sociology, environmental psychology,– are invited to participate in this event.

More and more segments of the population in the world are in a constant move for multiple reasons: migration, work or tourism. Refugees, workers and tourists are in permanent transient stage. For many people, living in multiple places have become part of the contemporary lifestyle. Their lives spread throughout multiple places. Information and communication technologies challenge some traditional spatial boundaries, such as the division between home and workplace. Facilitated by these technologies, population mobility and communication across cultures challenges the established spatial structures and brings about new cross-cultural environments.

In light of these situations, the following topics emerge:

• Housing for mobile and ephemeral living modes

• New concepts of public space as a result of an increased mobility of the population

• New models of working /living and their impact in private and public life

• Cross cultural exchanges and the transformation of housing

To deal with these challenges it is necessary to rethink the role of professionals, local administrations, and residents in the delivery of contemporary housing which suits the conditions of our times.

Important Dates

2 May 2018

Deadline for abstract submission

30 May 2018

Notification of acceptance

15 July 2018

Deadline for paper submission.

Deadline for poster submission

3 September 2018

Deadline for registration

If you need more information, please contact