Atlas of Togetherness 

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Atelier Bow-Wow BMW Mumbai Lab

The Four Stoas of the Agora at Morgantina, Sicily,3rd century BC

Atelier Bow-Wow, BMW Guggenheim Lab Mumbai, Mumbai, India

Franco Purini and Laura Thermes MAXXI TeatrinoScientifico 1979   Chapel for Nature small architecture for togetherness designed and built for the occasion of the Summer School of 2014  Rintala Eggertsson Architects Corte del Forte Dance Pavilion Venice Italy 2018 ANIMATION



Franco Purini & Laura Thermes,  

Chapel for Nature (small architecture for togetherness),designed and built for the occasion of the Summer School of 2014

Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Corte del Forte Dance Pavilion, Venice, Italy, 2018

 The Tree School Mango


  Brick Sculptures Per Kirkeby   Atelier Bow Wow White Limousine Yatai photo

Contrafilé and Campus in Camps,The Tree School,

Bahia, Brazil, 2014

Brick Sculptures

Atelier Bow Wow,















































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